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The Story of

St. Bess Kitchen

St. Bess Kitchen is a family-owned restaurant inspired by the rich culinary traditions of Jamaica. We bring the taste of the islands to Sunrise, using fresh ingredients and time-honored recipes passed down through generations. Our passion is to share the warmth and flavors of Jamaica with every dish
we serve.

Step into St. Bess Kitchen and experience the vibes of a true Jamaican kitchen. We create a welcoming space where friends and family can gather over delicious food and laughter.

Chef Andrew

Growing up in Jamaica, I developed a passion for cooking by watching my grandmother prepare meals for family gatherings. Through trial and error, I quickly honed my skills and began frying chicken at night with the support of my community. Starting with just 5 pounds of chicken,
I eventually sold over 50 pounds each night and hosted cookouts featuring a variety of dishes. After moving to the United States, I worked my way up from dishwasher to chef at a Jamaican restaurant over five years before deciding to start my own business.

In 2022, I opened St Bess Kitchen in Sunrise, FL, overcoming initial challenges by creating a fictitious character to manage client interactions. Despite the struggles common to entrepreneurs, I am proud of the business I’ve built. Though it may not be large, it provides for my family, and I am grateful for that.

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Huey N.

I called and Ordered 3 separate orders oxtail, steams fish and fried chicken, she told me it will be ready in 30 min and it was. The service was quick and the ladies were nice. The ambiance of the place was ok. As for the food everything was good. Give them a try.

Bronze C.

Food is amazing

I stumbled upon this gem one day just riding around looking for food. Glad I stopped I’ve been here everyday since

Moe Joe J.

My husband brought me here and the chef was nice enough to make a vegan meal for me…. That meal was SOOOO GOOD !!!! Oh my goodness no where near basic. Usually I go out to restaurants as a vegan ask for a vegan option and it’s french fries and salad. So I’m super happy that I got a meal that was beyond average and I gonna keep coming back.

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